Prototype & scale data-intensive apps in minutes

An open source developer framework for your data & analytics stack


When to use Moose

Data-intensive apps
Moose + OLTP Frameworks

Data-intensive apps

Build an analytics backend to power real-time leaderboards, charts, and metrics in your products

Enterprise data products
Moose Only

Enterprise data products

Build a data warehouse to serve BI tools, AI/ML pipelines, and data exploration notebooks

When not to use Moose

Transactional Apps
OLTP Frameworks

Transactional Apps

If you’re building apps with only high transactional workloads and CRUD operations, you’ll be better served by the decades of great OLTP focused frameworks out there

Your tools, your workflows

Moose brings our favorite web dev ergonomics to the data & analytics stack

Python and TypeScript

Write code in your native language with your favorite IDE plug-ins and AI assistants

Local Dev Server

Run your application locally and see the impact of code changes in real-time

Git-Based Workflows

Integrate with existing version control and code collaboration workflows


Keep versions your data synchronized through automated schema migrations

Powerful CLI

Use terminal commands to automate setup and build processes

Deploy with Docker

Package your application for deployment in any environment from the CLI

Composable Templates

Full-stack data & analytics application templates to get you started quickly

Product Analytics

Product Analytics

Capture clickstream events and analyze user journeys in real-time

LLM Tools

LLM Tools

Build natural language interfaces by exposing data APIs to an LLM

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Centralize enterprise data and integrate with your BI tool

Up and running in minutes, no vendor lock-in

Build your own data-driven experiences in minutes with Moose

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