Build your own data products in minutes

An open source developer framework for your data & analytics stack


Everything you need to build data-driven experiences

Data models

Define data models in your language, Moose derives the infrastructure for you


Write simple functions to transform and augment your data on the fly

Aggregations & metrics

Pivot, filter and group your data for repeatable insights and metrics


Moose helps manage migrations for your end-to-end data stack


Get up and running in seconds with pre-built application templates


Easily package your application for deployment in any environment

UI Components (coming soon)

Embed insightful react components in your framework of choice

Connectors & SDKs (coming soon)

Connectors and auto generated SDKs get data in and out of moose

Orchestration (coming soon)

Configurable orchestration to make sure data gets where it needs to go reliably

Purpose built for data focused applications

Moose provides the primitives you need for batch, streaming and event-driven data applications and lets you focus on your business logic.

If you're building a user workflow centric, transactional application, you'll need to use a more general purpose framework like Next.js, Rails, Django, or Express.js.

The Moose Stack

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Data Experience (React, Notebook or BI apps)

Integrate Moose UI components into rich react based applications, connect your existing frontend applications


Data service (built with Moose)

Build everything you need to support your data intensive application. From data capture to repeatable insights


Data Infrastructure (provisioned by Moose)

Moose can be configured to run on your favorite infrastructure providers to support your use cases. From small to large scale

We built MooseJS to make building data products easier for all devs

Git-based workflows

Git as your source of truth simplifies versioning and migrations

Local dev server

Build locally to make sure you can push to the cloud confidently

Domain derived infra

Infrastructure is automatically derived from your data models

Test your way

Use the testing frameworks you love to ensure high quality data

Loose coupling

Automatically keep producers and consumers loosely coupled

Data primitives

Simple, easy to configure primitives that ship with sane default


Full-stack data & analytics application templates to get you started quickly

Product Analytics

Product Analytics

Capture user journeys and derive actionable insights to optimize your product development

LLM Application

LLM Application

Optimize AI automations powered by RAG on your own data to create innovative end user experiences

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Integrate data across business domains into a data warehouse with discoverable, consumable data products

Up and running in minutes, no vendor, no lock-in

Build your own data-driven experiences in minutes with Moose

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