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The developer framework for your data & analytics stack

npx create-moose-app my-moose-app

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Your data stack, unified

Jobs, pipelines, streams, data models, tables, views, schemas, APIs, and SDKs -- no more coordinating a tangled web of individual components. With a framework-based approach, each component is aware of the bigger picture, so your data stack is easier to manage and more resilient to change.

Best practices, unlocked

Moose’s developer framework-based approach brings the standard software development workflow to the modern data stack, enabling best practices like: local development, rapid iteration, CI/CD, automated testing, version control, change management, code collaboration, DevOps, etc.

Developers, delighted

Moose simplifies the way you interact with your data and analytics stack to let you build rich data-intensive experiences using the languages you know, the application frameworks you love and the tools you leverage in your day-to-day workflow. Moose lets you focus on building your best app.

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A full-stack data-engineering framework built for all devs

Moose takes the decades-old best practices of frontend and backend developer frameworks, and brings them to the your data & analytics stack.

Key Features

Your tools, your way

Git-based workflows, languages you know, and the IDE of your choice. Moose is built to slot into your existing tools from your local env, to CI/CD and the cloud

Auto migrations

Moose automatically manages schema evolution across your data stack, so you don’t break upstream and downstream dependencies

End-to-end typed

Moose types all your components from data capture through consumption, so you catch issues at build time, instead of in production

Built-in testing

With Moose’s built-in testing framework, you can manage sample data and automatically test data pipelines as you’re developing

Data product APIs

Moose automatically creates API endpoints for your data products, and generates SDKs in the languages of your choice (typescript, python, java, rust, etc).

Local dev server

Run your whole data/analytics stack locally: see the impact of changes in real time as you edit code - just like developing a web application

Use cases & templates

Product Analytics

Product Analytics

Capture user journeys and derive actionable insights to optimize your product development.

LLM Application

LLM Application

Optimize AI automations powered by RAG on your own data to create innovative end user experiences.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Integrate data across business domains into a data warehouse with discoverable, consumable data products.

Built for speed, built for scale, built for you

Moose comes batteries included with a best-in-class data stack. Performant, scalable, reliable and, above all, runs on your laptop, this stack can handle different types of realtime and batch workloads. From high-heat shoe launches to bio informatics and everything else in between, moose has you covered.



Because speed and safety are paramount. Rust powers the core of the moose framework and helps deliver unparraleled performance and reliability.



Best in class performance, lightweight enough to run on your machine and a kafka compliant API. What's not to love?



Lightning fast, columnar storage, and a SQL interface. Clickhouse is the perfect database for your large scale OLAP workloads.


Don't want to manage hosting for your Moose application? Check out Fiveonefour.


We aim to build a place for developers to get together, share feedback and gain early access to our journey.

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npx create-moose-app my-moose-app

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